2019 Program & Papers

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FRIDAY:  SESSION  1:  2:00-4:00 P.M.


Apartheid Infrastructures of Rule and Resistance (Green Room)

  • Discussant: T.J. Tallie
  • Ashley Parcells, “Zulu History, ‘Modern’ Infrastructure, and the Creation of an Apartheid Homeland” [link]
  • Bernard Moore, “Protecting the Flock: Namibia’s Karakul Industry, Inter-Colonial Labour Migration, and the Question of Southern Angola, 1933-1975” [link]
  • Matthew Keaney, “The National Library Services Act: Librarians and Nation-Building in the Bantustans, 1977-1994” [link]

Weddings and Funerals (Chapel)

  • Discussant:  Casey  Golomski
  • Aldrin Tinashe Magaya, “‘You Are Not Married Until You Pay Roora ‘Bridewealth’: Family, Marriage, Divorce, and Christianity in Bocha, Zimbabwe, 1932-1960” [link]
  • Nicholas Smith, “The Funeral State: Seeing South African State Formation though Funerals” [link]
  • Michael Yarbrough, “A New Twist on the ‘Un-African’ Script: Representing Gay and Lesbian African Weddings in Democratic South Africa” [link]
  • David Morton, “‘The Commercialization of Death’: Mozambique’s Nationalization of Funeral Services” [link]

FRIDAY:  SESSION  2:  4:30-6:30 P.M. 


25 Years Later: Post-Apartheid South Africa (Green Room)

  • Discussant: Judith Van Allen
  • Grace Davie, “Corporate Research in the United States since the 1960s: How the International Anti- Apartheid Movement Reshaped the American Left” [link]
  • Nancy Jacobs (Co-Authored with Hilary Lynd), “The Peace Deal that Saved South Africa’s 1994 Elections” [link]
  • Alex Lichtenstein, “Twenty-Five Years Later: The State of Labor in Post-Apartheid South Africa” [link]
  • Cara Moyer-Duncan, “Following the Market: The Refragmentation of the South African Film Industry” [link]

Rethinking Land and Rural Development (Chapel)

  • Discussant:  Jacob Tropp
  • Gift Kayira, “The Land Question and Its Politics in Colonial Malawi, 1930s-1964” [link]
  • Christopher Conz, “‘Stick to Thy Hillock’? James Machobane, Environmental Justice, and the Problem of Sustainable Farming in Lesotho” [link]
  • Cathy Skidmore-Hess, “The Elephant in the Well: Water, Fencing and Social Control in 20th Century Namibia” [link]

SATURDAY: SESSION 3: 8:30-10:30 A.M.

New Histories of Colonial Law (Green Room)

  • Discussant: Daniel Magaziner
  • Thuto Thipe, “Equality through Law and Empire: Black Challenges to the Legal Category ‘Native’ in the Transvaal Colony, 1902-1910” [link]
  • Liz Thornberry, “Refusing Custom: Exemption from Native Law in Natal, 1895-1927” [link]
  • T.J. Tallie, “Conjugal States: Matrimonial Irregularities and Civilizational Panic in Natal and New Zealand” [link]

Unlikely Allies and Legacies of Liberation Movements (Chapel)

  • Discussant: Selina Makana
  • Trishula Patel, “From the Subcontinent with Love: India and Activist Diplomacy in 20th Century Central Africa” [link]
  • Allison Shutt, “Jasper Savanhu’s Lament” [link]
  • Michael Panzer, “Borders and Bureaucracies: Mozambican Refugees and Pan-African Responses in Zambia and Tanzania, 1962-1970” [link]
  • Myra Houser, “‘Our Own People Are Dying’: Connection and Separatism on the Frontline” [link]

SATURDAY: SESSION 4: 11:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.

New Histories of Gender and Politics (Green Room)

  • Discussant: Meghan Healy-Clancy
  • Tarquin Schwartz, “Canteen Culture, Gender, and Identity in Victorian Cape Town,  1860-1879” [link]
  • Lilly Havstad, “Modern Love, Money, and Work: Struggles to Create the Liberated Woman in Postcolonial Maputo, Mozambique” [link]
  • Mariah Crystal, “A Gendered Perspective on War: Namibian Women’s Oral Histories” [link]

Constructing Knowledge in Southern Africa (Chapel)

  • Discussant: Cathy Skidmore-Hess
  • Rob Gordon, “The Grand Delusion: How ‘Native’ Experts created  Namibia” [link]
  • Mattia Fumanti, “‘Insanity’ and the Moral and Political Economies of German South West Africa” [link]
  • Dag Henrichsen, “Scripts of Biography: Colonial Archives and Biographical Experience in the Lives of a Racialised Family in Namibia, 1880s-1920s” [link]
  • Arianna Huhn, “‘My Boy, Jack’ and Others’ Experiences of Colonial-Era Anthropometry in South Africa” [link]

SATURDAY: SESSION 5: 2:30-4:30 P.M.

Governing Intimacies in 19th and 20th Century Southern Africa (Green Room)

  • Discussant:  Shireen Hassim
  • Nafisa Essop Sheik, “‘The Gendered Politics of Colonial Labour: Making a State of Difference in Nineteenth-Century Natal” [link]
  • Sarah Emily Duff, “‘Dear Mrs. Brown’: Social Purity, Sex Education, and the WCTU in Early 20th Century South Africa” [link]
  • Natasha Erlank, “Family Planning Versus Population Control in the Global South” [link]
  • Z’étoile Imma, “‘Your Loving Simon’: Reading Simon Nkoli’s Epistolarity in the Making of a Queer African Archive” [link]

Memory and Memorialization (Chapel)

  • Discussant: Carla Klehm
  • Martha Ndakalako-Bannikov, “‘I Am Still Black… And Black Shall I Die’: Rethinking Namibian Liberation Through the Namibian Novel Born of the Sun and Steve Biko’s Black Consciousness” [link]
  • Selina Makana, “Monuments and Monumental Silences: Memory and Its Discontents in Post-War Angola” [link]
  • Diana Jeater, “Contestations over Traditional Reconciliation in Zimbabwe” [link]

SUNDAY:  SESSION  6:  8:30-10:30 A.M.

Rethinking Urban Life (Green Room)

  • Discussant:  Jeanne Penvenne
  • Tyler Fleming, “Politics of the Pool: The Struggle for Black Access to Swimming Spaces on the Witwatersrand during the 1950s” [link]
  • Mingwei Huang, “From Mines to Malls: Migrancy, Labor, and Chinese Racial Capitalism in Johannesburg” [link]
  • Brady G’sell, “Deceit and Dependence: Managing Prestige and Precarity in Urban South Africa” [link]

KwaZulu-Natal in American and Global History (Chapel)

  • Discussant: Robert Vinson
  • Jochen Arndt, “From Ukukhuluma Nje to Ukukhuluma isiZulu: Africans, Americans and the Micro-Politics of Linguistic Knowledge Production in Mid-19th Century Natal-Zululand” [link]
  • Robert Houle, “Aldin Grout, ‘Beyond Mediation’ and Properly Assessing the Missionary Role in Christianization” [link]
  • Liz Timbs, “‘Phaphamani Zulu!’: The Recruitment of Zulu Service for the First and Second World Wars” [link]

SUNDAY: SESSION 7: 11:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.

Rethinking Separateness in Southern African History (Chapel)

  • Discussant: Wendy Urban-Mead
  • Lauren Jarvis, “A Not-So-Zulu Zion: Ethnicity and Belonging in Isaiah Shembe’s Nazaretha Church” [link]
  • Deborah Gaitskell, “Fervour and Formality in South African Methodism: Exploring Gender Separation in Worship Patterns and Preparation, 1900-1950” [link]
  • Samuel Severson, “‘As We Fear Fire’: Leprosy, Stigma, and Social Life in Colonial Lesotho, 1910-35” [link]