2017 Program & Papers

PLEASE NOTE CHANGES (as of 09/29) to Final program: 2017-09-29 NEWSA 2017 FINAL



SESSION 1: 2:00-4:00P.M.


Transnational Dimensions of Liberation Struggles I: Refugee History and Southern Africa’s Liberation Struggles (Green Room)


Discussant: Judith Van Allen

Christian A. Williams, “Children of the Liberation Struggle: Seeing SWAPO’s Struggle Children and the Exile Family through ‘Refugee Biography’”

Michael Panzer, “Social Insecurity: Portuguese Incursion into Zambia and the Fragility of Sovereign African Frontiers, 1964-1970”

Joanna Tague, “Exile and Activism: The Education of Southern African Refugee Students at American Universities, 1970s-1980s”



Company and Settler Colonialisms in Southern Africa (Chapel)


Discussant: Meredith McKittrick

T.J. Tallie, “Self-Sown and Without the Slightest Attention Paid to It’: Cannabis, Race, and Labor in Colonial Natal, 1850-1910”

Tsitsi Mangosho, “Instituting Taxation: The Capitalism of Company Rule in Southern Rhodesia, 1893-1923”

Farai Nyika, “Reconciling the 1909 Voters Rolls with the 1911 Census – Decolonization and Disenfranchisement”

Elizabeth Thornberry, “Law Agents and the Making of Black Politics: Andrew Gontshi, 1880-1904”




SESSION 2: 4:15-6:45P.M.


Labor Studies in Mozambique (Green Room)


Discussant: Alex Lichtenstein

Jeanne Marie Penvenne, “Mozambican Labor Studies: Miners, Conscripts, Hustlers and Mothers”

Lilly Havstad, “Life Beyond Livelihoods in Maputo City, Mozambique”

Rosa Williams, “Medical Research, Border Surveillance and Labour Migration in the Zambezi Valley”

Alicia Lazzarini, “‘Uma Vida de Qualidade’: Postcolonial Enterprise, Female Field Laborers, and Changing Lives and Livelihoods in Xinavane”

Ruth Castel-Branco, “The Experience of the ‘Arrebenta Mina’: Public Works, Labor and Social Welfare in Rural Mozambique”



Comparing Technologies of Environmental Control in Southern African Pasts (Chapel)


Discussant: Jacob Tropp

Martin Kalb, “A Key for Empire? Nature, Geography, and German Colonialism in Southwest Africa”

Meredith McKittrick, “Vanished Rivers: Exploring and Knowing the Kalahari’s Watery Hinterlands”

Christopher Conz, “‘Getting our Grass Back’: Narratives of Grazing and Governance in Lesotho, c. 1933-1950s”

Geoffrey Traugh, “Who Pays When the Weather’s to Blame? Risk, Credit, and the Meaning of Obligations in Rural Malawi, 1970-75”

Bernard C. Moore, “Fenced Out: Labour Reductions and Vermin Definitions in Southern Namibia, 1915-1982”

Philip D. Rotz, “The Fever Next Time: The Back-to-the-Future Risk for Aedes aegypti-borne Disease Outbreaks in Durban, South Africa” [appendix here]



SESSION 3: 8:30-10:30A.M.


Transnational Dimensions of Liberation Struggles II: Decolonization, Politics, and the Law (Green Room)


Discussant: Jamie Miller

Myra Houser, “Detained in Botswana: ANC Operations, Gaborone Lawyers, and Frontline State Politics”

Sue Onslow, “Conflicting Mind-sets of Decolonisation: Thatcher, the Commonwealth and South Africa”

Timothy Scarnecchia, “Governments of National Unity (GNUs) in Zimbabwe: the Long History of a Failed Concept”



Women in Church, Congress, and Spirit World (Chapel)


Discussant: Meghan Healy-Clancy

Jill Kelly, “Women’s Violence, Men’s Shame, and the ‘Efficacy of Congress Methods of Struggle’ in the 1950s in Natal”

Lauren Jarvis, “A Tradition of Work in the Nazaretha Church of South Africa”



SESSION 4: 11:00A.M-1:00P.M.

Sex Ed and Queer Pentecostals: Gender, Education, and Religion (Green Room)

Discussant: Lauren Jarvis

Sarah Emily Duff, “A Right Understanding: Teaching Sex Education to South African Youth, 1870-1919”

Debby Gaitskell, “Mentoring Mandela’s Generation: Challenges for a Methodist Mission School in Segregationist South Africa”

Casey Golomski, “We are not a Gay Church: Southern African Black Queer Pentecostals”




Rethinking Apartheid: Reading, Teaching, and Imagination in South Africa (Chapel)


Discussant: Wendy Urban Mead

Matthew Keaney, “The Utility of Books: Black Libraries and Resource Centres in South Africa c. 1930s–1990s”

Meghan Healy-Clancy, “Nadine Gordimer and the Politics of Imagination under Apartheid”

Anne Heffernan, “‘Migrant’ Teachers and the Propagation of Black Consciousness in South African Schools, 1972-1976”

Billy Keniston, “The Troubled Mind of Apartheid: Black Consciousness & White Radicals through the Eyes of the 1972 Schlebusch Commission”


SESSION 5: 2:30-4:30P.M.


Sport, Gambling, and Film in Everyday Life and Nation Building (Green Room)


Discussant: Dan Magaziner

Peter Alegi, “Sport and Social Justice in South Africa: Historical Reflections”

Tarminder Kaur, “The Gambling Games: Under-the-Radar, ‘Unofficial’ and Mass-Participation Soccer of South Africa”

Cara Moyer-Duncan, “Projecting Nation: Audience, Race and Globalization in South African Cinema After Apartheid”



Rethinking Apartheid III: Apartheid Endgames—Development and Sovereignty (Chapel)


Discussant: Sue Onslow

Leslie Hadfield, “The Underpinnings of Ciskeian Independent Health Care”

Ashley Parcells, “‘Zulus or Zulu Speakers?’: National Units and the Making of a Zulu Homeland, 1962-70”

Jamie Miller, “Rethinking Separate Development Through the Lens of Development”

Stephanie Quinn, “Separate Development in Flux: South African Policy and African Realities in South West Africa’s Owambo and Kavango Bantustans, 1972-1983”




SESSION 6: 8:30-10:30A.M.

Crisis and Authoritarianism in Zimbabwe (Green Room)


Discussant: Timothy Scarnecchia

Chipo Dendere, “Miracle Money, Miracle Babies and Doom to Politics: Pentecostalism and the Survival of Authoritarian Rule”

Levar Lamar Smith, “Understanding the Third Chimurenga: Economic Crisis, Nationalist Rhetoric, and the Social Imaginary of State Power in Zimbabwe”

Rudo Mudiwa, “Narratives of Danger and their Political Uses: Sexuality in Independent Urban Zimbabwe”



The Making of the “New South Africa” (Chapel)


Discussant: Jill Kelly

Jochen Arndt, “Reclaiming or Modernizing the Past? Historicizing the Hlubi Nation”

Sifiso Ndlovu, “Material Culture in Southern Ndebele Identity Making in Post-Apartheid South Africa”

Nicholas Smith, “A Ghostly Presence in the Life of Civilized States: Young Men and the Police amidst Democratic Change in South Africa”



SESSION 7: 11:00 A.M.-1:00P.M.


Warlords, Guns, and Armies in Southern Africa (Green Room)


Discussant: Nicholas Smith

Franziska Rueedi, “Sebokeng in their Minds: Rumour, Anxiety, and the Logic of Violence in the PWV Region”

Cathy Skidmore-Hess, “Identity, Guns, and Globalization in the Nineteenth-Century: an Examination of Namibia and Botswana”

Liz Timbs, “The Crushed Mealies Left In The Sour Milk: The Changing Functions of Amabutho in Natal and Zululand, 1879-1905”



Sexuality, Subjectivity, and Power (Chapel)


Discussant: T.J. Tallie

Crystal Biruk, “Gay for Pay”: Risk, Value, and Vulnerability in NGO Worlds in Malawi

Mphatso Moses Kaufulu, “A Sexual Cleansing Called Kulowa Kufa”

Mariah Crystal, “Namibian Women’s Stories: Gender-Based Violence in Namibia – Confronting a Legacy of Colonization, Apartheid and Genocide”